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A photographer. A nomad. A Pisces.  A lefty.

After graduating from University of South Carolina in 2008, I packed up my stuff and drove 2,192 miles (3,527km) from my hometown of Richmond, Virginia to the humble mountain town of Bozeman, Montana. I completely fell in love with the western lifestyle, the crisp air, and the relaxed attitude of its inhabitants. I also quickly fell in love with a former football player for MSU and despite my desire to ride off into the sunset with him, something inside me was itching leave. I had never planned on staying in Montana for more than a few months, so I packed up again and drove a heartbroken 34-hours back to Virginia – at a loss for what was next.

In November of that year, I started working full-time at a local camera shop, but by early spring something was nudging at me to get on the move again. I found out about an internship with a travel company – essentially getting sent to about 27 countries to do crazy stuff and make videos of it. Even though there were thousands of applicants, I seriously thought I had a chance and was devastated when I didn’t get the job.

But I was determined to get out of Virginia anyway, so I decided to head to Europe on my own and spent seven weeks on a bus traveling through 17 countries. After that, everything changed – I was never going to be the same. I had gotten used to moving around every few days and I wasn’t ready to settle down again for a very long time.

Five years and about 45 countries later and here I am, still traveling. I began shooting when I was 15-years-old, finding my passion at an early age and becoming very determined to make a career out of it. My journalism and communications degree has actually proven to be quite helpful and my love and pursuit of photography has earned me a job exploring the world.

I travel as often as possible and I get antsy when I stay in one place for too long and luckily, being a crazy self-employed artist allows me the time to up and go wherever that dart lands on my map. I love being a part of different cultures and listening to languages I can’t understand. I love living out of a backpack and being thrown out of my comfort zone for months on end. And as soon as I return home and feel myself settling back in again, that’s when I know I’m due for another adventure.

And the drive behind it all?


About to scrub in to photograph skin grafting in Bogota, Colombia.

About to scrub in to photograph skin grafting in Bogota, Colombia.

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