Chefchaouen, The Blue City


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Marrakech Photo Gallery

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Our time in Marrakech was short and sweet. We arrived around 9pm from Essaouira, quickly checked into our traditionally tiled hostel (Riad Chez Lea), and wandered out to find a late dinner. We discovered Le Salama, a restaurant close to the main square, which easily satisfied our thirst with local wine and beer, and silenced our hunger growls by serving what seemed like endless plates of meaty Moroccan deliciousness (see first three photos below, shot on iPhone 5s). The next morning we nursed our wine hangovers with pizza, salad and cafe au lait at Cafe France, a very popular cafe with three floors of terraces overlooking the main square of Marrakech. After recuperating we ventured into the medina for the remainder of the day, souvenir shopping, enjoying the smells of spices and the taste of sweets – and of course, getting in a little quality time with the local snake charmers!

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Marrakech-8701 Marrakech-8702 Marrakech-8705

Marrakech-9953 Marrakech-9958 Marrakech-9964 Marrakech-9966 Marrakech-9970 Marrakech-9971 Marrakech-9973 Marrakech-9974 Marrakech-9987 Marrakech-9988 Marrakech-9992 Marrakech-9993

Marrakech-0001 Marrakech-0003 Marrakech-0005 Marrakech-1420 Marrakech-9949 Marrakech-9951

Yallah! (Let’s go!) It’s on to the desert next! Check back soon for my camel trek through the Sahara!

Cheers for now,

The Wandering Photographer

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Essaouira: Coastal Morocco

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Awake and refreshed in our beautiful AirBnB apartment after long day of flying to/driving from Casablanca, Laura, Eyal, Dasha and I set out to see what the coastal fishing town of Essaouira, Morocco had to offer. We wandered around the market for a bit, watched the fishermen bring in their …

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