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  • Physicians for Peace  – A nonprofit organization that transforms lives by training, supporting and empowering healthcare professionals working with the world’s underserved populations.

Videos for burn care missions in Nicaragua can be seen here on Vimeo or click on the links below:

                   Yader’s Story

                   Amanda’s Story

  • Walking Tree Travel – “Our mission is to inspire individuals to become global citizens who take an active interest in the world around them. We hope to achieve this goal by providing unforgettable programs filled with challenging and enriching adventures. Rather than a typical tour, our programs are designed for a proactive, select group of travelers that seek an authentic international experience and an opportunity to grow as leaders and global citizens.

Videos for Costa Rica and Spain can be seen here on Vimeo or click on the links below for photo and video posts:

                  Costa Rica


                 Check it out here:

  • Campfire Creative – Media Guides are inspired people that work in the field of photography and film. Ranging from industry professionals to University students, our guides connect with non-profits and companies, like Walking Tree Travel, around the world to document and create media content to share stories that help increase marketing potential, funding, awareness and social responsibility. Media Guides work with companies in the field and manage the client’s vision through photos and a videos that are uploaded throughout the process to blogs to enhance friends and families’ experience and keeping a community engaged.
  • Former Virginia Governor, Robert McDonnell
  • American Fondouk – The mission of the American Fondouk is to work to provide people-to-people foreign aid on behalf of and through animals by providing free veterinary care, guidance on proper nutrition and handling, and compassionate care for the animals of Morocco and their owners. The Fondouk strives to better the lives of all Moroccan animals, particularly working animals and the families who depend on their labor.

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