Mammoth Lakes, California

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The next few days of hiking in Mammoth Lakes were both physically challenging and¬†aesthetically pleasing! It’s always a great combination to get a good workout with a beautiful view as well ūüôā ¬†First up was Crystal Lake, which has a 3% grade for most of the three mile trail, and¬†a maximum incline at 9% during some parts. The total elevation gain¬†from the starting point at Lake George to Crystal Lake is about 850 feet, through 17 switchbacks. It took us about and hour and a half to reach Crystal Lake where we set up a good picnic spot for lunch. We also set up my ENO Singlenest Hammock,¬†which you can hang from pretty much any two trees that¬†are between five and nine feet apart, providing a comfy¬†place to relax and soak up some sun!


Crystal Lake-1418 Crystal Lake-1420 Crystal Lake-1424 Crystal Lake-1428 Crystal Lake-1433 Crystal Lake-1436 Crystal Lake-1440 Crystal Lake-1445 Crystal Lake-1446 Crystal Lake-1451 Crystal Lake-1461 Crystal Lake-1489


Next up was Saddlebag, a five-mile hike that took us just under three hours at an elevation of 10,000 ft. For this hike, we had to buy ferry tickets ahead of time to cross Saddlebag Lake and then guess the time of the ferry we would be returning on – so unfortunately there wasn’t any time for hammock relaxing here ūüôĀ It was a picturesque hike¬†with a variety of¬†landscapes and terrain, and even with a little snack break, we made it back to our ferry on time!


SaddleBag-1517 SaddleBag-1518 SaddleBag-1519 SaddleBag-1522 SaddleBag-1523


(all photos taken on iPhone 5s. click to view full size in light box)

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