Yoga and Sleeklens Mashup

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Recently I was contacted by a photo editing software company called Sleeklens, who specialize in workflows and presets for Lightroom and Photoshop. They told me they loved my photography and my social channels, and graciously offered me their workflow for Lightroom – and I had the perfect yoga photoshoot (with Great Abiding Yoga) to start playing around with!

In recent months, I had accidentally been taking a break from photography, with a lot of personal stuff coming up.  I spent the majority of the year traveling and in an effort to be more present in the moment, I had only been using my phone for photos instead of my big Canon (also to give my back a break from the heavy load!). Oftentimes, I have to remind myself to put the camera down and fully experience a moment – and not just document it.

My time off from photography stemmed from a little bit of self doubt that had surfaced.  With technology quickly and consistently updating, I wasn’t keeping up with it and felt I had fallen behind in what photography is these days. However, seeing the work of photographers all over the world, I had come to the conclusion that many of them aren’t photographers, they’re more like “digital artists.” Many photographers import their images in Photoshop to create a scene that never really existed, one that also looks much like a painting or alternate medium.

I have never been one to take out stop signs or power lines, or layer images to take elements from one photo and add them to another. Personally I like to keep it simple, with the most I edit in an image is color and contrast.  It seems that simple imagery has gone out the window, and so had my talent.

When I returned back home in Virginia, it was the best season to schedule photoshoots in the beautiful changing autumn leaves – a perfect opportunity to try the Sleeklens workflow! I was determined to keep my style, but was ready for some new looks and was already playing with creating new presets and image corrections. 

The workflow they sent me was absolutely amazing! Easy to install, fun to play with, and very creative options! I found a few specific looks that I loved for the images of a yoga teacher outside, and tweaked the settings just an extra little bit to make them more my style.

There are hundreds of options to choose from in the Sleeklens workflow, and for this shoot, I found two that worked best. The first is a bit of a purple tint, which to me created a bit of a hippie-style look to these images. The second was adding a bit of warmth to revive the golden sun peaking through the leaves, as we were shooting on a day where the clouds had crept into mask golden hour. 

I don’t often do black-and-white images, but their black-and-white presets were also as intriguing and beautiful as their colored adjustments. There are some options that simply adjust color tone, contrast or highlights/shadows, or there are more complex options that are stackable and create overlays.

All in all, I absolutely loved using their workflow, and felt like I was able to step back into my creativity, keeping it simple and beautiful, without needing to make these images look like a painting. I will definitely continue to use Sleeklens for many shoots to come, and feel lucky to have gotten back on the saddle!

Happy Holidays!


The Wandering Photographer


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