The Magic and Mystery of Easter Island

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Visiting Easter Island this  year I wanted try and get some photos that were different from last year’s sunrise and sunset shots. The first photo is at Ahu Tahai, the best place for sunset on the island, where I stitched about 3 photos together to make a panoramic. The last two photos are of Ahu Tongariki around 2:30am – the statues that are usually best for photographing sunrise.  A few friends and I went out there late last night to try and capture the starry sky. With the original hope of doing a star trail photo with about a two hour exposure, we ended up doing a series of a few three minute exposures. The first photo is of us running back and forth lighting up the statues with our flashlights and the second photo is a silhouette of the statues, emphasizing the beauty of the night sky. After about an hour of shooting in the pitch black night, we psyched ourselves out thinking we heard noises and decided to call it a night! (This morning after we thought about it a bit, we’re pretty sure the noises were just wild horses.)

Easter Island Sunset

Easter Island Night

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